{ thinking out loud }


And I’m not referring to Ed Sheeran, although I do love that song…

It’s 10 pm and I have a dining table full of various versions of Canadian history curriculum. And spelling. And Kindergarten phonics. And a mind that just won’t stop. So I’ve loaded my oversize Wonder Woman mug with Earl Grey and honey and milk, and I plow ahead. I suppose writing my first blog post in 4 months is not the first priority at this point, but my fingers were tingling and who am I to hush them?

This homeschooling gig is hard. So much harder than I could ever have imagined. I have 9th grade education, and I admit it gives birth to so many doubts. How can I teach Jr High? And I hated Science/Social Studies in school; how am I qualified to teach those subjects? But then Sawyer learns to read small sentences: “The cat is at bat”. And then longer ones. And he’s only 5. And I grasp onto hope that we’ve got this in the bag.

How do moms do it all? Juggling 4 kids, 3 different sets of curriculum, and laundry, meals, the proper care and feeding of husbands. It’s such a tall order. If it weren’t for the conviction that God led us to this decision, I think it would feel impossible. Some days it honestly does. And I find I need to let go of my control again and lean into God. He’s got this.

My theme verse for life is, over and over and over again:


{ the screen battle }


As any other 21st century family with preschoolers to preteens and a house full of electronic devices, we struggle a lot with balance. Our boys have a natural gift for technology, inherited obviously from hubby, whom I lovingly used to refer to as “Tech Guy” on this very blog! However, I think that screen time needs to be limited, especially in summer when the sunshine and breezes are calling. That being said, we do live in town, on a small lot, so there are not a ton of outdoor chores for our boys to do. They do a lot of their own laundry, clean their own bathroom, do 90% of the dishes (we have a dishwasher so it’s not that much “work”, although they’d probably disagree!), and vacuuming. They basically keep the basement clean/neat and I do the main floor. And often I reward their completed work with screen time.

I still felt like we were being a little too loose and free with their computer time though… even if it was raining outside… and then I found this blog post by Becky at Your Modern Family and I have to agree with her method! She includes a free printable:


It has worked so well for our family so far! Especially since I’m hoping to keep the kids’ brains fresh through the summer, I love that she incorporates the basics of the 3 R’s into every day.

You’re welcome!

{ summer bliss }


It has been so HOT here lately and if you live on the Canadian Prairies, you’ll know that it’s not a complaint but a novelty! I simply ADORE this time of year and here are a few reasons why:

  1. We’re done schoolwork.
  2. Field trips (even though as homeschoolers we do them all year, I prefer the summer ones!)
  3. Picnics!
  4. Less cluttered schedule, as soccer & piano events are winding down.
  5. Sunshine! Sandals!
  6. Running in the evenings is a lot more fun.
  7. Camping! (our very first summer to call ourselves campers)
  8. Passion Play

And this year, as you can see, we’ve added a big one to the bottom of the list… our entire family is acting in the Canadian Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller this summer! Rehearsals started a few weekends ago, so we just getting immersed but already deeply loving the show and the people and just the huge opportunity this is for us all. We are gone every weekend from about 5 pm on Friday until Sunday evening, so it’s a big commitment but I really feel that this summer will be transformational.

As for what else we’ve been doing? Just a lot of this:

kids on tramp

and this:

kids on bridge

Just a beautiful summer with a lot of gorgeous outdoor fun.

What have you been doing lately?