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I’m feeling a little melancholy today. It may be yet another day of –30C that is wearing me down, or just the mothering of 4 children and all the challenges of being that wife/mom/sister/daughter/friend/Christ-follower that I so desire to be! But, whatever it is, I admit to feeling a little down.

Growth. It isn’t easy, is it? So much of life takes a lot of work, if you want to grow and not just become stagnant where you are. Sometimes I’m tempted to just burrow into the ground and let life pass me by while I remove myself from the process. But there are people to love on & inspire, little ones to care for & direct, a world to make better by little daily acts of love and kindness.

Tonight was a big growth moment for my big boys and I’m so proud of them! We have certain rules in this house in regards to technology & entertainment usage, for their own good & safety. Tonight my sweet sensitive 8-year-old came up and tearfully confessed to having stepped really far over the boundaries and hidden it for quite some time. I know that I could’ve really blown up and given him a good one, but my heart just overflowed with huge thankfulness for his soft and repentant heart, and his keen conscience. I prayed with him and then went down and talked to them both together. More tears, more hugging, more prayers.

Lord, let them never shy from growth! But please… slow down their physical growth… it’s going so fast! And on that note, please watch this video I got in an email from a friend today… how did she know I needed it today?!!


  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing :)

    Sounds like you are providing a great home for your boys. Please keep it up. They need it.

    1. Thanks, Camron! That means so much coming from you... hugs & beans!!

  2. That's wonderful that he can talk to you!

    I've been feeling the long-ness of winter and too much sickness here. :( Oh, well. We all face it sometime.

    Take care.

  3. hey Marg...I know, right? you put my feelings in this post! miss you girl! someday...our lives will slow down. or. maybe not but maybe just enough to spend some more quality girl time! :) luv, sheila


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